Trailer Training Edinburgh Scotland

Trailer test routes Edinburgh Livingston Scotland

Trailer test routes at Livingston Test Centre in Livingston Scotland

As with all test centres, examiners have a large number of routes where they can take their test candidates.

The routes cover a variety of Road and Traffic conditions.

You will be driving on a variety of Speed Limits.

You will be on roads ranging from 20 to 60 MPH.

You will be expected to drive to a high standard of driving on all types roads.

You will cover a range of roads and junctions.

Livingston and the surrounding area has a large quantity of roundabouts.

Livingston uses many slip roads to join other roads.

Livingston and the surrounding area has many roads where is can be difficult to establish the speed limit.

During your training you will be trained to cover all the different hazards associated within the area.

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